On the Issues


This war on a weed started by Richard Nixon in 1969.."In the early 1970s, Nixon formed the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse (Shafer Commission), telling Shafer, "I want a g..d.. strong statement on marijuana...one that just tears the ass out of [cannabis supporters]." However, the Shafer Commission's 1972 report stated that cannabis should be decriminalized, and that prosecuting cannabis was a distraction.

Medicare for All

Nothing could demonstrate the inadequacies of the American Healthcare system than COVID-19. Rural communities suffer the most. We need more and better hospitals and clinics -- and incentives for health care professionals to come to small towns. Also funding to help local students be paid to attend professional training if they will come home to practice for a period of time.

Green Revolution

We need a comprehensive plan to end dependence on fossil fuels. We can change direction to produce clean energy and sustainable agriculture + affordable housing.

Jobs & Economy

Black Lives Matter

Fair Vote